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16 January 2008 @ 01:12 am
Knocking On Heaven's Door [4-]  
Title : Knocking on Heaven's Door [4-]
Universe : Prostitute/War 'Verse
Author : Crystal ayedel
Rating : NC-17
POV : Starts with Brendon. Then Ryan.
Summary : Ryan is the Seventh Heaven's top prostitute. Growing up in solitude, love was something he had yearns for all his life, even if it feels like it was forever out of his reach. Falling in love with someone he won’t ever get to love openly, trials and tribulations comes into his life and threatens to choke him out, all in the name of fate.
Disclaimer : Don't own. Don't care. Don't wish to be sued.
Betaed: By the awesome Shelby shelbias
Past Chapters: Memories

[Brendon's POV]

I pull him towards the huge mirror, and leave him there while I rummage through the wardrobe. Looking around for awhile until I found what I'm looking for, my fingers tightened around the silk material of the robe, the one that Ryan always wears when he is being auctioned, the one where all those disgusting men feast their eyes on him while he's being paraded like an animal that is being sold at the market.

Pushing all thoughts aside, I walk back, trying hard not to rip the robe apart out of conscience and hatred for everything it symbolises, and walk to Ryan, who is looking blankly at the mirror, his eyes glassy yet empty inside.

I poke my fingers lightly at his shoulder, giving a small smile when he turns around. His eyes drop on the robe, his lips tightening at the sight but let me remove the shirt he is wearing, dropping off all the clothes including his undergarment unto the ground and slips into the robe, his fingers grabbing unto my hand when he puts his long legs into it.


I look up and he's looking at me, eyes sad and face fallen in a grimace-like look. I sigh, Ryan's need for closeness is here and I nod, getting up and pulling him into my embrace.

I cradle him against my chest, letting him close his eyes while his head fall on my shoulder, letting both of us savour this moment in fantasy. Just for awhile.

And then it's time and I have to push him away, with a beating against my heart as I do so, and pull him, with his body reluctant, to the makeup room.

The moment I enter the room, she look up, her face and eyes gazing a little sadly at us, whether at how pathetic both of us look like right now or whether she knew as much as I do what today, Wednesday, means to all of us, I don't know but I do have an inking of an idea.

We walk over and I place Ryan on the chair, nodding to her as she acknowledge it and starting on Ryan's hair, combing and pulling through it into the sexhair that makes everyone that sees him drool.

[Ryan's POV]

I turn towards Brendon, who is situated on another chair far away, too far away for me to reach for his hand. Hayley's combing through my hair, putting lotion and moisturizer in it to make it soft and styled.


He looks up, a smile quickly replacing the frown I can see he tries to hide with his hair covering his face and walk over.

"Hold my hand...please?" I bite my lips, knowing that Hayley's watching our every move. He looks up to Hayley and she quickly turn her face the other way, grabbing another bottle of moisturizer, pretending she isn't here and aren't listening to us. I don't care.

He sigh, grabbing my hand and lacing our fingers together and I smile, heart jumping and heartbeat racing as I look at our hands. Brendon has never been so daring before, showing outward intimacy when someone's around. I never thought that he would comply, more that he would sternly scold me for being a baby and that I don't need hand-holding anymore when I am already almost 20. Something's different with Brendon, I can see there's something troubling him but I am too happy, too estatic with him holding my hand to wonder what it could be. If there's something wrong, I am sure he would tell me.

He strikes up a conversation with Hayley, with my random interruption sometimes while she line my eyes with eyeliner and apply moisturizer and facial powder on my face. Brendon squeeze my hand sometimes and I almost squeal in happiness every time he does that. It feels so good when he's around me, caring and loving, in the way I know no one else does for me.

And then my hair's done and makeup's up and Brendon nods sadly and I am sure I am not the happiest person either, no matter how much our hand holding makes me happy and we walk, as slow as time permits us out of the mansion I lived in to the Auction House, passing through the garden in between the two structures.

It's quiet out there, almost as if everyone's in the Auction House and not a single soul exist out here, as if we were the only people existing, the only two souls alive and I can feel with the beat of my heart, how much I wish this is true. No one judging us for who we are, no one around to watch what we are doing, no one to hide from, no more hiding and pretending that nothing happened to us. I wish all of that is true.

"Ryan...you know...I was thinking, where do you want to go on Friday? You know, for our date?" His voice soft and quiet before he flushed, his face redden with embarrassment.

I chuckled, eyes laughing over the normalcy of the situation. It feels as if we are just normal teenage school boys, dating secretly and hiding from our parents and teachers and Brendon just ask me out for a fucking date and he's embarrassed by it. It makes me both happy and sad how ironic the situation is.

"What's so funny?" He asks, voice stern but strained with a little panic, both embarrassed and worried that I can't help laughing at how funny he sounds like. You think someone who has fuck me before would be less sounding like a little virgin boy who never met anyone out of his family but that's exactly how Brendon acts most of the time. And it makes me happy that we can still have the normalcy and innocence I thought I lost when I was first brought out of my home to the Auction House.

Perhaps that's what drawn me so tightly to Brendon. His innocence and the way he's so careful with each and every step he takes with me, whether hand-holding or soft kisses at night, makes me feel wonderful, makes my heart beat race, makes me feel like flying, because everything he does just makes me love him more and more. His normalcy that allows me to have that bit of normal life I craved for, that bit of escape from the road ahead of me. It's like as if I was forced to run on a straight road that doesn't end and suddenly I found there's a rest place that allows me to sleep for awhile. It's both bitter and sweet that allows me to go through each day without sinking into depression and thoughts of suicide. Surely Brendon is the only bright spot in my life and I won't give him up for anything in the world.

"Nothing," I cheekily answered, still chuckling at his flushed face because I can't help it.

"Ryan," He whines, pout evident on his thick lips and it tempts me to kiss him but there's too much danger of doing it here and I quickly restraint myself, no matter how much I wanted to.

"Psh, fine, you big baby," I laugh, laughter ringing in my voice. "How about the night market cum parade we are having at the Southern side this week? I heard it's a lot of fun and I really want to go there," I pout myself, looking up at him with cheeky eyes and a catlike grin.

"It's a promise then," he laughs, fingers rubbing between mine and I can't stop myself from smiling.

He turns around, big smile playing on his face before adding, "Now who's the big baby again?" I pout back and he pokes at my face before laughing again and dragging me to the Auction House as the bell chimes, indicating it's time for the Auctioning to begin.

[Brendon's POV]

We reach the Auction House and I can instantly feel the sadness coming into our hearts again. It's that time again. I let go of his hands, smiling slightly even though my heart is preventing me so. It feels like sending him off to war and I had to be at home, waiting with an anguish heart until he return. Life's not fair at all. I give him a slight push forward and he heads off, smiling bitterly. Who am I to talk when I can feel my heart breaking inside?

Ryan turns around suddenly and dips his head to capture my lips in a kiss. I am stunned, not realising where we were fast enough when he pull my head forward and deepens the kiss. He breaks the kiss with a smile.

I look at him with a shocked expression. "Ryan, you know you shouldn't have done that. What if someone sees?"

He shakes his head, eyes crossing with a glare. "No one's here, Brendon. No one's going to know. I just..I need that comfort from you, ok? I need to feel that bit of love before I go off with him" I didn't miss the pained voice when he mentioned it. "This...all this, just feels so wrong, Brendon. I wish I could give up on all this. I wish.."

I lean forward and kiss him on his lips, and he closes his eyes, savouring the moment. He opens his lips when I push my tongue forward, tasting the unique taste of him that I wish I don't have to share. I wish he's mine but what can a poor caretaker like me do? I definitely don't deserve to have him as mine, that's a dream that will forever haunt my dream but never close enough for me to reach it no matter how hard I try.

We break the kiss, breath labored, his eyes looking at me. "It's time, Ry," I say with the sadness in my voice.

He nods, letting me pull his hand towards the curtain. It's time to face reality.

Even if none of us wants to. It's so much easier to lose ourselves inside our dreams.

Even if it doesn't exist.

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Katohdarlingx on January 16th, 2008 02:15 am (UTC)
i love i love i love! :D

I just read everythingg! Can't wait to see where it all goes.
starcrossed lover.: Ryden : Touchingayedel on January 16th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
Aww thank you! *hugs*
Its actually written till chapter 16 but I lost my inspiration again T_T I need to dig out my script log to get it back xD

Thanks for reading ♥
Katohdarlingx on January 16th, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)
LOL plus I think the slash communities are only up to chap 3 I just checked here in case there was more cause I wanted moreeee so I kinda cheated :P
starcrossed lover.: Brendon on the streetsayedel on January 16th, 2008 03:37 am (UTC)
lol yes its only up to chapter 3 D: I updated it last night cause for each update i post on the slash comm i'll post the next one here :P Its for members though i forgot to f-lock it Dx So yeah you cheated D: *ban you* LOL
Katohdarlingx on January 16th, 2008 03:45 am (UTC)
*gasp* I haven't joined?! I dont know what I was thinking! I shall join now!
starcrossed lover.ayedel on January 16th, 2008 04:04 am (UTC)
Lol you were? D:
xD Well you weren't but you're now. Thanks for joining :D
saribari82 on January 24th, 2008 01:28 pm (UTC)
this makes me so sad! D:

but i love this story so much! <333
Jadebookxbutterfly on May 21st, 2009 09:00 am (UTC)
:-S ... :((

That's so sad. :( But I'm glad their love can withstand anyting. <3