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28 December 2007 @ 11:09 am
Knocking on Heaven's Door II  
Title : Knocking on Heaven's Door [2-]
Author : Crystal ayedel
Rating : NC-17
POV : Starts with Brendon. Then Ryan.
Summary : Ryan is the Seventh Heaven's top prostitute. Growing up in solitude, love was something he had yearns for all his life, even if it feels like it was forever out of his reach. Falling in love with someone he won’t ever get to love openly, trials and tribulations comes into his life and threatens to choke him out, all in the name of fate.
Disclaimer : Don't own. Don't care. Don't wish to be sued.
Betaed: By the awesome Shelby shelbias
Past Chapters: Memories
Author's Note: There's 15 chapters of this story written so you get two updates a week if I get to come online since my DSL has been down since Christmas. Thanks for reading ♥

[Brendon's POV]

Well, Ryan pretty much fell asleep right after we had sex. Me on the other hand?

I can barely even close my eyes, just hug him on my chest while staring out of the window. The serene quietness in the atmosphere is not working in lulling me to sleep.

I clean him up after he fell asleep, washing him clean with some towels and stuff and removing the blood that litters around his anal hole. My stomach clenches on that memory and it takes everything in me to not throw up and go off into a killing rampage. Ryan doesn't deserve this, he deserved more but there's nothing I can do about it and I hate myself for that.

I brush his hair away, pulling it back and away from his face. He looks so peaceful in his sleep, a small smile playing at the edge of his lips as his face presses against my shoulder. So different from the forced look he had before just hours ago when he stumbled into this room.

Kissing his forehead lightly, I scoot closer and wrap my hands around him, falling asleep minutes later with him inside my embrace.

[Ryan's POV]

When I wake up this morning, it is already rather late. Lifting my hands up to hide away from the sunlight, I groan, falling back to plant my face inside the pillow to hide away from the heat the sun is burning onto my face.

A few moments later, the door squeaks softly open as someone pushes open it with their leg.

“Wake up, sleepyhead!” Brendon calls and I can almost hear that grin inside his voice, walking closer before the door closes slowly behind him. I groan, not wanting to wake up yet, burying my face deeper into the pillow.

“Ry-an!” he whines and there is that pout again inside his voice, which I find highly adorable but I want my beauty sleep, thank you.

He whines my name again and scoots nearer until I can feel his breath on my face. "Wake up you big boy before your breakfast turns cold!" He mumbles before placing a soft kiss on my jaw and I giggle. It fucking tickles!

"Ry-Ry," he kisses another time and down my jaw, placing a few pecks here and there. "Are you going to ever wake up?"

"Uhmm.." I mumble, feeling his soft hair rubbing across my neck. With a cute guy kissing me when I am sleeping? Hell no.

"Maybe not."

"Ryaaan! Don't make this difficult for me!" He whines again and stops kissing my jaw and pout, crossing his hands across his chest.

"Breeendon!" I whine back, grinning as I pull the sheets higher, the sun being unforgiving on my pale naked skin.

He pouts and looks away for a moment and I think I may almost be able to fall asleep if he doesn't start talking again. "Fine. Let's compromise," he breathes in. "If you wake up now, I will bring you to the garden later, ok? I know you wanted to see the flower exhibition."

Oh my god, yes! "Ok! I am waking up now!" I practically throw the sheets away from his body and tackle him to the ground, nearly in the process of pushing all the food trays that is beside him down with us.


I hold his hand tightly, laughing giddily as he hands over the card to the Auction's house guard and the guard eyes me with a strange look, stranger than what I usually get from other guys. I would have felt completely uneasy if I was alone, but Brendon is here and I never feel unsafe with him. He hands the card back to Brendon and gestures for us to go and I jump, literally dragging Brendon along with me.

He yanks me down, his face doesn't display as much enthusiasm as I do. "Slow down." he mumbles.

"What's wrong Brendon?" I ask, a little worry bubbling inside me.

[Brendon's POV]

I look at his face, biting my lips to keep myself from saying the wrong things and whatnot. "Nothing," I answer tiredly. "I am tired that's all. And you shouldn't move so much too, you are still bleeding slightly there," I winch, feeling dread in my stomach. "Maybe this is a bad idea, maybe we should go back," I mumble, panicking and worry rising inside me.

He looks at me incredulously before turning away and yanking me along with him, walking faster than I thought it is humanly possible, practically running actually. "Shut up," he sharply says. "I am fine and you will be too so don't you ruin this moment. We are going to the damn park and we are going to have lots of fun so don't you dare to say we are going back because we are not going to."


Turns out Ryan is a bigger fan of flowers than I thought he could possibly be.

He literally pulls me to every place that has any form of flowers, giddily laughing and asking me what is its name and origin and stuff like that. I even got one of those booklet thing that has those information of flowers and stuff just to appease him, and seriously, did he expect that I know each and every flower's name?

Do I look like a botanist to him? Hell not.

After that, we got some ice cream (Ryan's suggestion, with those big puppy eyes and a pout that I never thought he could manage, but he did and I can't resist), chocolate for him, strawberry for me as I lace my fingers with his, swinging them and he smiles back, giggling at me and it takes me everything to not lean forward to kiss him.

He laughs suddenly, his shoulders shaking and I look at him confusedly, not knowing what's happening. "What's so funny?"

He stops laughing and lean forward and then moves so close to my face that I almost blush, feeling red bunnies painting my face. "Ry-Ryan?" I stutter out.

His tongue darts out and lap on my cheek, brushing them slightly until it's down to my jaw. "You got ice cream on your cheek, silly!" He giggles again.

I blush, really blood red this time. "You could have just told me," I say softly, but I can't stop the blush and the happiness bubbling. Damn stupid cheeks!

"Nuh-uh," he shakes his head cutely. "Its more fun this way," he says, winking as he laughs. Cue in a blood-red blushing-tomato-esque Brendon Urie here, please.

We walk towards the bench at the side of the pond, I am relieved to sit down when he suddenly springs up, pulling me with him again, almost running until he stops suddenly.

My ice cream almost drops to the ground but I balance it, sighing to myself a little before looking up, to see Ryan staring at the flower tent, his eyes widen as he stares endlessly, without blinking.

"What is that?" His eyes widen so much that he looks so innocent and like a kid and I feel something in my heart jump at that image.

"That's a red rose. It symbolizes love and romance," I smile, not needing to even look at the booklet for the meaning.

"I love it," he states with huge eyes and a beautiful smile on his face, leaning forward to smell them a little before his smile widen even more. "They smell wonderful and just so..." He stops, smelling them again. "Perfect." My heart jump again.

He smiles and turns to look at other flowers and I stand there, gnawing at my lips, my mind can't stop replaying the image of Ryan with his wide eyes and happiness bubbling in them.

I fish a crumbled five dollar note before walking to the botanist, purchasing a red rose and walk back to Ryan, who is busy staring wide-eyed at the lilies that sway according to the soft gushes of wind.

I tap Ryan's shoulder lightly and he turns slowly towards me. "What?" he mouths softly, his wide eyes amplifying in size as I plant the rose into his hand. "Yours."

What I did not expect is being tackled to the ground, getting wind knocked out of my throat and a lapful of Ryan Ross before a soft kiss planted on my lips and a barely audible "Thank You" that warms my heart and a smile that spreads all over his face.

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saribari82 on December 28th, 2007 01:59 pm (UTC)
Awww, they are so adorable! Can I keep them? (no j/k, LOL!)

but seriously this was so cute, and Ryan didn't know what a red rose was how sweet! <3
flashing_drivesflashing_drives on January 4th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh! This is soo beautiful. I love this story. :D
carcrashheart44 on January 4th, 2008 11:35 pm (UTC)
soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
t_smallz (Tiff)t_smallz on January 5th, 2008 02:00 am (UTC)
That was cute.
I liked seeing Ryan happy after he was so broken.
And how Brendon is in love with Ryan's happiness it's "Perfect"
This is now my new favorite fic, :)
blackeyedwicca on January 5th, 2008 09:27 am (UTC)
I really love this hunnie ^^
writtenaengelwrittenaengel on January 6th, 2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
oh god! Ryan is just so innocent and they are just so adorable together! *squeeee*
I can't wait for more!! = D *huggles*
Fawnadon.lovejaredleto91 on January 16th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
Jadebookxbutterfly on May 21st, 2009 08:08 am (UTC)
Cue in a blood-red blushing-tomato-esque Brendon Urie here, please.


That was just adorable. I feel like I'm the one in love here. :P

RYDEN = <3